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What an Edible York could look like... Together we're making it a reality!

Why does Edible York exist?  We want to make York greener and more beautiful, and to make local food and food-growing skills accessible to everyone.  In a nutshell, we want:

  1. To enhance community vitality and cohesion / resilience through a network of edible community gardens across York.
  2. To increase consumption of local, seasonal produce across York’s diverse population through local food growing and resources / training for cooking, storing and eating it well.
  3. To encourage a greater connection between people, the food they eat and how it grows.
  4. To promote and support a thriving local food economy in York.

There are many fabulous edible growing projects in York.  As well as running our own projects and helping to initiate new projects, we act as an umbrella for all these groups - helping everyone to shout louder about the things we're all passionate about.  

We're growing connections, and creating an edible future.

Could YOU find a patch of earth and plant seeds with your neighbours that will become food for your community?   Or pehaps there's one in your locale already that you've not noticed?  Check out our edible map to see what's happening in your area, or whether there are any wild foods growing in your street that you haven't yet noticed.  

Once you start looking, the possibilities are endless...  To demonstrate the idea, we are creating a number of public beds around the city where you can help yourself to anything that is ripe and ready for picking - become part of the movement that's taking the City by storm!

Edible York is also passionate about edible trees.  

Together with York Edible Schools we've planted 199 fruit trees across schools and communities in York this winter - that's 20,000 fresh pieces of fruit for our City.  Edible York is also home to the fantastic Abundance project - mapping underused fruit trees in our City and redistributing the produce to people in need.  Get involved at their Facebook page.

Keep up to speed with Edible York on Facebook or Twitter - @EdibleYork.

Edible York was inspired to launch our local revolution after seeing the amazing achievements of lots of growing projects, especially Incredible Edible Todmorden.  Watch this brilliant film of Pam Warhurst (IET founder) describing, in her inspiring and inimitable way, the Incredible Edible mission.

I was going to email you today to say thank you. I stopped off at your Peaseholme Green bed on my way home today and my children and I picked some spinach and rocket leaves. My three year old was fascinated by the ''llotment' and my one year old was reaching out and grabbing spinach leaves off the plant and stuffing them into his mouth. I could barely get my handful of leaves home to accompany dinner as they were so excited about them. So thank you Edible York for providing us with free fresh salad, helping my children see where food comes from and making them enthusiastic about leafy greens.
Nicola Clements.

We are supported by Two Ridings Community Foundation's Grassroots / Richard Weare Endowment Fund.  www.trcf.org.uk